A classic American saga, spanning the continent and more than 200 years since John A. Roebling’s birth in 1806. The Roeblings designed and built the Brooklyn Bridge – the “universal symbol of New York,” and built the great cables on the George Washington Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge – the icon of San Francisco.  

The Roeblings produced wire rope and wire products that helped shape modern life, created the “Mercer Raceabout,” America’s “first sports car,” provided livelihoods for tens of thousands, and built Roebling, N.J., one of the best company towns in America – “a model in every respect.” The Roebling mills in Trenton, N.J., now serve new uses, and the Roebling Museum in Roebling celebrates the remarkable legacy.

All I can say is “Wow!”  What an incredible story of an incredible family and an incredible business. The level of detail and historical documentation, photos and all, is most impressive. Thank you for making the effort to document the history of steel wire rope and bridge cable. Bridge Engineering today owes a huge debt of gratitude and respect to the men and women of the Roebling family and the Roebling companies. Preserving their story is of great importance. – Kary Witt, Bridge Manager, Golden Gate Bridge

The Roebling Legacy is a magnificent achievement. The reproduction of the graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen, and the comprehensive collection of quotations from many varied sources accompanying the images makes it the kind of book I love to own…Opening the cover and turning the pages is like walking through an art exhibition…I recommend it to everyone without hesitation as one of the best industrial histories ever published. – Donald Sayenga, Tucson

The author is a master story teller, communicating in a most compelling manner, and the book invigorates the reader with the richness of “the classic American story” of the Roeblings and the depth of their accomplishments. The Roebling Legacy should be coffee table book for reading, touching and discussion by as many of your friends and family as possible. – Pam Hersch, The Princeton Packet

The Roebling Legacy charts a drama of immigration, innovation, entrepreneurship and achievement against a backdrop of idealism, rising national capitalism and labor unions, and wars and their aftermath, toward industrial decline and ultimate obsolescence followed by environmental cleanup, adaptation and reuse. – Linda Arntzenius, U.S. 1

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with the detail and precision of portraying the history and heart of the Roebling family. An amazing heritage passed on from one generation to another.  Thank you for your wonderful work and energy in putting this in print for the world to read. I am in awe of its detail and accuracy. – Jim Jobes, Seattle

Give me your book along with thirty students, a blackboard, and a piece of chalk and I can teach for an entire semester. An outstanding read. – George Lengel, Retired Teacher, Florence Township, N.J.

I purchased a copy of “The Roebling Legacy” several weeks ago and am finding it fascinating. Excellent and engaging. Should be required reading in many academic programs, especially for MBA’s. – Kenneth Lee Hahn, Kennewick, Washington 


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