Roebling Machine Shop Wedding June 2014 StroudA Trentonian couple held their wedding reception in June in the 1890 Roebling Machine Shop at the Roebling Works in the city’s Chambersburg section. The raw industrial setting befit the celebration as the couple has spearheaded numerous renovations in The World Takes city. The wedding and reception were beautifully photographed by Cie Stroud (

On June 21-22, Trenton Artworks and its hundreds of volunteers produced Art All Night 2014 in the 1890 and 1901 sections of the Machine Shop (below) and attracted nearly 30,000 visitors.

The City of Trenton and the Trenton Roebling Community Development Corporation preserved the Machine Shop in the 1990s with grants from the N.J. Historic Trust and N.J. DOT. The grants funded the initial rehabilitation of the Machine Shop for the Invention Factory, TRCDC’s planned museum/science center that unfortunately didn’t come to fruition, but the work has enabled Artworks to produce Art All Night in the building for the past seven years. The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is welcoming thousands to the Machine Shop three times this year, and other events are being planned. The City is open to proposals for the long-term adaptive reuse of the 52,000 sq.ft. Machine Shop.

ART ALL NIGHT 2014 Roebling Machine Shop CW Zink


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