On Restoration Work Day, April 12th, the 245th Coast Artillery Regiment mustered at Battery Gunnison on Fort Hancock for restoration and maintenance work on the 1905 structure and its two 6-inch guns. The Regiment volunteers are part of the Army Ground Forces Association and they do a fine job maintaining the Battery and interpreting it to the public, including their replica Plotting Room, shown here, where crew members plotted the azimuth and range of naval targets. Battery Gunnison was part of the coastal defense of New York Harbor from 1905 until its deactivation in 1946. It is one of the few historic batteries in the U.S. that still has guns. This visit was part of our ongoing research on the history of the nearby Navesink Military Reservation on the Navesink Highlands. Battery Gunnison 245th Battery 4.12.14 CW Zink-16


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