With exhibit platforms and performance decks covered by suspended canopies, and lovely gardens and reflecting pools, the New Jersey Pavilion at the 1964-1964 New York World’s Fair was both a quiet retreat and a lively showcase of the New Jersey’s history, products, and talent. Philip Collins, a 32-year-old Princeton architect won a competition among 115 New Jersey architects to design the pavilion for the New Jersey Tercentenary Commission. “We have sought a design,” Collins noted, “that will be open and festive, gay and exciting, inviting to the public, and representative of the vigorous spirit and progressive outlook of our State.” Published in Garden State Legacy, Issue 23, March 2014.

A_Haven_of_Imagination_and_Charm_CW Zink_Garden_State_Legacy_#23_March_2014



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  1. […] his World’s Fair work, Collins said, “We have sought a design that will be open and festive, gay and exciting, inviting […]

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